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Food delivery in Moscow is a popular service that helps people save time and effort. The main benefit of this service is that you can order any food or products online at any convenient place.

Food delivery aggregators.

Food delivery aggregators are sites and applications for delivering ready meals and food from restaurants. Their advantage is that one website contains offers from different places. You can explore the menus, select the cuisine, compare prices, view ratings and reviews, and then choose the suitable offer.

The site easily tracks your order and the delivery time is calculated automatically. You can order food or products immediately or on time. The system saves your search history, uses "Bookmarks" and "Favorites". With them, you can instantly find the right cafe or restaurant, or repeat your order.

Aggregators often give discounts and cashback, promotional codes or coupons and help you find the nearest food outlet. Services that restaurants or cafes offer on their own do not always have these advantages.

When choosing an aggregator, take into account delivery time and price, order conditions and bonuses. Read reviews not only about the restaurant but also about the delivery service itself, especially the work of couriers. Aggregators, not cafes, are responsible for this task. Check how employees work out the complaints and communicate with customers, is it possible to cancel the order, and whether prepayment is taken.

Delivering food from restaurants

Some restaurants and cafes offer their delivery of meals. You can place your order through a website, application, social network or by phone. Delivery of ready meals is a suitable option for those who do not want or do not have time to cook.

Dishes should only be freshly cooked and delivered hot or warm. Pay attention to the packaging in which the food is delivered. Boxes, where meals are kept warm for a long time, will be a suitable solution. Check the location of the restaurant or cafe. It depends on how long the order will be on the road and how hot the food is.

When looking through the menu, pay attention to the dishes. They should have high-quality photos and a detailed description of the ingredients. Keep in mind that not every place puts disposable cutlery or napkins in the order. Check the details in advance.

You can easily find a restaurant with your favourite cuisine in Moscow - fast food, European, Asian, Russian and other dishes. Due to high competition companies try to offer quality service and additional deals, deliver products quickly and inexpensively. Before making an order, check if there is a minimum order, find out delivery time and price.

Food delivery

Many grocery stores proudly offer the advantages of online grocery shopping for delivery right to your doorstep. You can place your order through an application or website.


To order

Here’s a closer look at the benefits you can experience:
  1. Save time. No need to go shopping. You can place an order online from any desired location.
  2. Buying in bulk (i.e. for a holiday).
  3. Delivery to the door. No need to carry your purchases and worry about their transportation.
  4. Product safety. Goods are packaged properly and securely. You do not need to worry that the plastic packaging could damage or the glass container would accidentally break.
  5. A wide variety of products. Not everyone can find time to visit a supermarket, warehouses and large shopping malls. The choice of products in small shops near the house is often limited.
  6. Shoppers can take advantage of online-only products that cannot be found in a classic store or supermarket. Those are wholesome, healthy, vegetarian and dietary foods, exotic fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices.
When ordering online with delivery, stores often give discounts and bonuses. Some companies provide 24-hour service on holidays and weekends, while others or the shops themselves may not be open at this time.

Food delivery in 15 minutes

You can place an order for express delivery of products from the dark store. Check the accessible regions for delivery, as only those areas where product warehouses are located are available.

Products with recipes

This new service is rapidly gaining popularity. It is suitable for those who love to cook on their own but do not want to invent recipes and look for ingredients. When ordering such a delivery you receive the exact amount of products, the right spices and clear step by step instructions to create a dish.

On the website, you can choose from a ready-made menu, or make your own and specify the number of portions. After making an order, the required ingredients are carefully and securely packed in a box together with the recipe and are delivered to the door. You can place your order at a convenient time and change dishes. The menu at such sites regularly updates with new recipes.

Companies offer various dishes from meat and fish, vegetables, exotic fruits. You will find a menu for vegetarians, sweet lovers. Only quality, fresh and delicious products are chosen for shipment. Experts measure the exact quantity of components for a dish. Meat and fish are shipped already cleaned and sliced. Spices and ready-made sauces are also included.

Experienced chefs create recipes. They describe every step of the cooking process and make it so clear and accessible that even someone new to cooking can easily prepare the dishes. In contrast to classic food delivery, this service provides already prepared and carefully balanced components.

When the food delivery with recipes first appeared, it turned out that ordering a ready meal from a restaurant was 3 times cheaper than buying individual products. But services are evolving, the cost of services is decreasing, and convenience remains.

Ready-made diets delivery

Ready-made diets are suitable for those who track their nutrition but do not want to waste time calculating calories and nutrients, choosing products and preparing menus. The kits are divided into servings. You can order food for a day, a week or a month. In this case, the diet will be varied and well balanced. It has been proven that such food gives a positive effect after 2-3 weeks of regular intake.

The rations are divided into the following categories:
  • for losing weight
  • for gaining weight;
  • for athletes;
  • for vegetarians;
  • for supporters of healthy eating.
There are over 180 services that deliver complete balanced daily meals in Moscow. Some companies, in addition to ready-made packages, offer you to create a personal diet in the diet-constructor or with the help of a nutritionist and a fitness instructor. When choosing a service, pay attention to the feedback and cost of sets, availability of additional services, time, price and delivery areas.

Pizza delivery

Delicious and appetizing pizza is a great solution for a party, dinner, snack, and a good rest. In Moscow, the choice of Italian dishes is very wide. There are classical and innovative options, thick and thin dough, small and large sizes.
The most convenient services are those where you can choose the right diameter and thickness of the dough, add or remove components or even make your own pizza.

The most popular pizzas are:
  1. «Margarita» - the most favourite pizza in the world. Its recipe is simple: tomatoes, tomato or cream sauce, basil and mozzarella cheese. Pizza, cooked by a classic formula, has an exquisite taste and an extraordinary flavour.
  2. Pizza «Quattro Formaggio» is distinguished by its fine and delicate taste. It contains mozzarella, Parmesan, dor-blue and fontina. These melting and stretching cheeses will appeal to all gourmets.
  3. «Naples» was the founder of this Italian dish. It contains fresh tomatoes, basil, anchovies and several kinds of cheese.
  4. «Sicilian» pizza has an unusual square shape. It contains 3 main components: anchovies, tomatoes and pecorino cheese. If you wish, you can add herbs, onions, mushrooms or olives.
  5. «Marinara» is made of seafood. Shrimps, mussels, squids, octopuses are accompanied by a cream sauce, herbs and mozzarella cheese. As a result, the dish acquires a refined taste.
  6. «Calzone» is more like a pie, as it is cooked in a closed-form. Inside it is stuffed with chicken, tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. In a closed pizza, the softness and flavour of the filling are preserved longer.
  7. «Hawaiian» is a choice of real gourmets. It contains pineapple, cream sauce, ham or chicken, red onions and mozzarella cheese.
  8. «4 Seasons» pizza is suitable for those who can't choose 1 filling and enjoy the variety. It includes several filling options, each of which is a symbol of the season.
Recipes with spicy and spicy sausages, mushrooms, chicken, bell peppers are in demand. Dishes with potatoes, jalapeno, caesar salad and even olives are the newest ones. Pizza can be closed or open, made on the thin or thick dough, in the form of a square, oval or a circle.

Before ordering, not only look at the company's assortment but also check the way the food is prepared. It should be indicated on the website. Italian pizza is baked in the oven and cooked just before delivery. Thawed or microwave-heated, the product will not be as tasty and flavorful. Most companies offer various combos at reduced prices and give out bonuses. You can also order drinks, snacks and desserts.

Sushi and Rolls Delivery

Sushi and rolls are complex Japanese dishes and not every place in Moscow prepare them right. Therefore, choose a place of your order carefully. When delivering, it is important to consider that not all ingredients of Japanese cuisine are compatible with each other, and some rolls can not be packed together. Therefore, each type should be put in a separate box.

Империя пиццы и суши

To order

The range of rolls on offer today is wide:
  1. Classic rolls are wrapped in nori, cooked with rice and stuffing inside: shrimp, tuna, salmon. Dishes can be supplemented with nut sauce, spice and other toppings.
  2. Complex rolls are made with rice on the outside. The filling is seafood, chicken, avocado, fresh cucumber, cream cheese. On the top, they can be complemented with caviar, sesame, herbs.
  3. Tempura - warm rolls in batter, roasted in boiling oils. They get a crispy coating and exquisite taste.
  4. Baked rolls. A thin omelette is used in the filling and as the top layer. The dish is baked in a special form so that the products do not mix or deform.
You can choose spicy hot rolls, sushi for vegetarians.

Some delivery services also offer various Asian dishes:
  • seafood salads, funchoza or daikon;
  • tamago omelette;
  • Japanese rice;
  • Wok, Ramen and Udon noodles;
  • soups.
Tempura and baked rolls, soups and second courses must be delivered in foil or a special box to remain warm or hot. Find out in advance if soy sauce, chopsticks, ginger and wasabi are included in the price. Some places provide them separately.

Water delivery

The tap water in Moscow and its region has quite low quality. Not everyone can install cleaning filters, especially in offices. Clean drinking water delivery is an option. You can order it directly from the manufacturer, or through a supplier or intermediary (online products are also involved in water delivery).

Water is supplied in 19, 5, 2, 1.5, 1.6 and 0.5-litre bottles. It can be sparkling or not, but must necessarily be extracted from clean natural sources. Drinking water is essential not only for the house but also for the summer cottage, for guests and office staff. Some companies also offer related products with delivery: coolers, pumps, coffee and tea, sugar, napkins and towels, disposable tableware, juices and other drinks.

Find out if the courier delivers the order directly to the door. Some companies charge a fee for getting upstairs. See what kind of container the water is delivered in: the packaging has to be safe. Many manufacturers are beginning to take care of the environment and make bottles of recyclable plastic.

Ice cream, desserts and pastries delivery

You can order ice creams, desserts, fresh or frozen fruits and berries, dairy products at home or in the office. All of them require special storage and careful transportation. Heat-resistant bags or boxes are used to transport these products and keep them at the right temperature.

Delivery of ice cream and desserts occurs both through intermediaries, and from the manufacturer. The first option is suitable for those who have not decided on the product and want to choose the most attractive offer. And if you prefer a certain brand of goods, cafes or pastry shops, then choose delivery from the manufacturer.

Buying from the manufacturer is a guarantee of quality. Besides, here you can order an individual dessert or an increased volume of products for special occasions. Many companies offer ready-made sets for the banquet and large companies.

When delivering desserts and ice creams, it is important to follow the rules of transportation and select quality packaging so that the product does not melt and spoil. Therefore, when choosing services, pay attention to how and in what way they transport the product, from which district of Moscow it is delivered. Read reviews on quality and speed of delivery.

Pies and pastries

Pies and homemade pastries are a great option for a festive table, family meal, as a tea treat or a snack. The assortment of products is wide. Pies can be open and closed, sweet, meat and fish, vegetable and cheese. They are made of different types of dough and have different fillings.

It may be a big and lush pie or several small pies, traditional Russian cuisine or pastries from other countries. Large volumes are available by pre-order. You can also choose already prepared options if you suddenly need a cake.

When choosing cookery or bakery, pay attention to the quality of the products and the type of dough, recipe options (author's or classic), whether cakes are ready-made or it is possible to order them, or there are both options available.

When choosing any delivery service, the decisive factors are timeliness and efficiency, the delivery areas and quality of service, the cost of dishes or products, the minimum order and payment methods. Pay attention to hidden payments. For example, there may be charges for lifting to your floor, for packaging, disposable tableware, etc. Be sure to read reviews on couriers, dispatchers, managers and the service itself.

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